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Posted by Gerrin T. Alexander

July 16, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Test Day Night Before

What to Wear on Exam Day

When it comes to standardized testing, there are some external factors that can have a large impact on your performance, and picking the proper attire is one of them. So, let’s walk through what would be considered appropriate attire for exam day.

Look Confident, but Comfortable

The ACT and SAT test dates aren’t the first day of school where most students are looking to dress to impress. It’s okay if you’re not trying to wear a runway-ready look. In fact, it’s not that high on the priority list for most students. If there is anything for you to take away from this article, let it be that you should always choose comfort over fashion. You’re not gaining any brownie points for looking amazing, so make good decisions by avoiding clothes that cause you to fidget or re-adjust. However, promoting comfort as the number one priority does not mean that I am advocating students to show up looking like slobs. It’s important for me to note that if you feel good, you will be more inclined to do good things and that includes tackling the test.

Shoes and Accessories

Let’s be real here… no one ever wants to be known as “that kid” in class. The type of person that everyone else stares at angrily and probably hates because they consistently attempt to impress the professor. Same thing applies here, so listen up ladies! Be considerate to your fellow test-takers and don’t wear heels to the exam. You’re not impressing anyone by click-clacking your way back to your seat on already squeaky floors. I advise everyone to wear soft-soled shoes to avoid being a distraction for yourself and others. Also, note to everyone, avoid wearing noisy accessories and jewelry that can throw you and others off of your game. If you’d like, wear an old-fashioned watch for timing purposes like I’ve mentioned in my other article “The Clock Never Stops Ticking.”

Lucky Charms?

At one point or another, we’ve all had an object in our life that we’d consider a lucky charm. If you have one, bring it! Now, does this object actually help you find the answer to a question? Probably not. But, it does offer a sense of security and comfort that we all search for in stressful times. However, do not use this object as your only way to prepare for the exam. Check out our Prepmedians website to properly prepare to ace your exam(s).


If you have longer hair, avoid constantly pushing or blowing it out of your face by simply pulling it back or putting it in an easy updo. No one has the time to fix their hair while reading and answering passages on the exam, so make your life and the person’s sitting behind you easier.


If it’s hot outside, we wear shorts and t-shirts. If it’s cold outside, we wear sweatpants or jeans with sweaters or hoodies. Our outfits are determined by the weather outside during the day. We know that the weather is always changing, but the temperature outside doesn’t always reflect the temperature inside a building. Avoid being too hot or too cold by regulating your own temperature wearing multiple layers.

Remember that…

You should always choose comfort over fashion and don’t stress over wearing the perfect outfit on exam day. Also, try to pick out your outfits at night to avoid wasting time in the morning. Whatever outfit you decide to wear, I’m sure you will feel good entering and leaving the exam.

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