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Superscoring the SAT

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Posted by Chris Zhang

May 23, 2020 at 2:30 PM

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Can't crush the entire SAT in one sitting? Unsatisfied with your scores? Worried about getting into college? The college process is an extremely stressful time for everyone, and as the applicant pool gets bigger and more competitive year by year, this stress is amplified even more. One factor that affects the college admission process is your standardized test scores, and while they can't make or break you, they certainly help your case for getting into college. Even if you aren't good at taking standardized tests, don't worry. Colleges now do a thing called superscoring. This article will discuss what superscoring is, some tips to strategically use superscoring to your advantage, and every college that superscores the SAT. Note: Superscoring the ACT is exactly like superscoring the SAT. However, although many colleges superscore the SAT and ACT, not every college superscores both. If unsure, look at the college of interest's admission website and see their standardized test policies.

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